An ancient territory
in the hills of Oltrepò Pavese


Grapes and wines, an age-old tradition

Rovescala is part of that large oenological reservoir called Oltrepò Pavese, famous for its originality and quality of wine production. In a hilly position, on the border with the province of Piacenza, it is located in the valley of the Bardonezza stream and is one of the 78 municipalities included within the DOC (PDO) area. Viticulture, here, has been known and appreciated since very ancient times, specializing up to characterize the landscape.


Oltrepò pavese: oenological jewel

A DOC (PDO) production included in the hilly area of the province of Pavia, south of the Great River Po: Oltrepò Pavese wines originate in a land markedly suited to viticulture, which covers about 70% of Lombardy's certified production for a total area of 16 thousand hectares, thanks to the mild climate of the area.