A long history
of work and passion

About us

Combined research and tradition

A winery with old roots: Il Molino di Rovescala settlement dates back to the sixteenth century and has never stopped hosting local grapes and wines ever since. It stands on the site of an old mill (hence the name: “Molino” in Italian means “Mill”) and for three generations the Passerini family has been carrying on its history, combining tradition with constant research to produce quality, authentic and precious wines.

The methods are the traditional ones: natural processes, reduced use of additives.

Environment and biodiversity

The company is located in an area particularly suited to the production of grapes, especially Croatina grape.
This exceptional suitability is due to the perfect combination of a favorable microclimate characterized by a large temperature range and fresh, well exposed soils.
A natural and ecologically balanced context, where the hill alternates vineyards with fields, giving life to a virtuous model of biodiversity.